Friday, October 30, 2009

History Erasers and the Future

The Future Will Be About Control Unless We do Something About It

The online world is not totally out of control but it's getting there. This is what the major players of the internet say. From being a cradle of constant creativity and innovation, the internet has slowly become and will become a center of control. The protocols are getting tighter and monitoring and security have become trades of the day. It started with iphones, ipods and Xboxes that only the vendors could modify. Actually it started earlier than that with software and applications that have been monopolized and could only be modified by the vendors. Then the GPS systems followed, where law enforcers can eavesdrop on the user at all times. Then of course there's the internet with lots of icons, smileys and links peering at your whole online activity.

Why This Happened and What Can Be Done About It

The millions of users all over the world are partly to be blamed for this loss of individual security and privacy by subscribing to consumer exploitation. Therefore, if we are responsible for doing it then only we can undo it. We should have been informed or rather helped ourselves get informed. Security is good only if everyone or at least majority of the population gets security. However, when only 1% to 10% of the world's population are secure, then innovation and creativity are at risk due to controlling tendencies of the secured few. Innovation and creativity have always been species-saving and have proven themselves on numerous occasions.

To make sure that our intellectual property is protected and our privacy rights secured, we need to start getting anti-monitoring software. To start with the simplest practices, we can get history erasers or an anti-virus software. You may have never heard of software that will help keep your personal information private non the less there are plenty of products out there like winclear, Paretologic, Evidence Eliminator and many more. History Erasers can delete history from your computer better than doing it manually or using typical Windows-removal. There is constant guarantee of our traces of activity being inaccessible to others. What we do and what we make is our business and nobody else's.

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