Monday, November 9, 2009

Privacy-Invasive Software and History Erasers

"Privacy-invasive software" is a term used to refer to software that ignore users' privacy and are usually designed for a specific purpose, most of the time, commercial. Examples of privacy invasive software are adware, spyware and content hijacking programs. The matrix above shows the different types of software that exist at present. The intersections of the rows and columns specify the software type. So based on the matrix above, the most user-friendly software are the legitimate software, since they are both used with high consent from users and produce tolerable negative consequences. The worst kind are the parasites, with low consent from users and producing severe negative consequences on your PC and even your life. You don't want these guys on your PC.

In popular terms, adware produce advertisements and other stuff with commercial content that are usually based on information gathered by spyware. System monitors track your activities on your PC while keyloggers record the keystrokes that you make, possibly getting your passwords and usernames on secured websites like bank websites. How do they gather all these information? They gather it from everywhere on your PC, information lying around, waiting to be hijacked. This is where the need for history erasers comes in. You need to remove all the unnecessary information scattered all over your PC. Most of the time, if you are not a great computer programmer, you would not know what these files are. They are usually saved in some folder with a path name or location as long as a ruler. Computer history erasers automate removal of these files for your convenience. For security experts, these files contain delicate information, for most users, they are nothing. Some of us do not even know they exist.

History eraser software is non-invasive and will help clean computer history and remove internet history that can be used against you. So basically, if you cover your tracks adware and spyware software will have no use to invade your computer and even if they do they will not find any useful information. There are plenty of free history cleaner downloads available out there too. You can always download the software and test it out and if for some reason you don't like it you can return it.

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