Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Different Look of Internet Safety

One side of internet safety is the side for the family. Norton had released a software, OnlineFamiliy.Norton that enhances dialogues between children and parents instead of parents just setting up parental controls on the web so children can't go to potentially dangerous sites or other sites which are appropriate only for adults for that matter. OnlineFamily.Norton is another free service that helps parents monitor their children while online. According to a PTO blog posting, OnlineFamily.Norton does provide great tips and hints. If you go to the OnlineFamily.Norton website directly, you can watch a cheesy video of a young daughter with self-esteem issues, a son who is too much into football, a dad who is crazy about losing pounds and the mom who is stressed at how to keep the family together. If you go to OnlineFamily.Norton through the ad from schoolfamily.com, you will be automatically asked to sign-up for an account before knowing what Onlinefamily.norton is all about. Basically, the service wants parents to start a dialogue with the kids. The software then provides parents with reports, website monitoring controls, instant messaging information and security to personal information. From a personal perspective, the need for onlinefamily.norton is really not as dire as history erasers because, you can start a dialogue with your children without even getting the software and constant actual dialogue is even better than the cheesiness of onlinenorton.family. The whole idea is just so cheesy that even 7 year olds will be repelled by the mere thought of the software. If you want heavy duty monitoring, or even if you do manage to have great conversations with your family but still you don't trust your children enough on the internet, you can check user reviews for history cleaners, history erasers, internet cleaners, internet erasers, tracks cleaners, tracks erasers and internet privacy software that have been around for more than 15 years like Winclear, for example.

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